PhD student

Elena completed her BSc at the University of East Anglia which she followed with an MSc in Cancer Research from the University of Glasgow under the supervision of Dr Michie. Following completion of her MSc Elena became a Research Assistant at the Northern Institute for Cancer Research (Newcastle) working with Dr Strathdee in 2017-18. Afterwards Elena embarked on an MRes at the University of Edinburgh where she worked with Prof Pollard and Dr Mill. After completing her MRes she moved to Liverpool to start her PhD in the McClurg lab in October 2019.


Tennant, Foster, Dodd, Sou, McPhie, Younger, Murphy, Pearson, Vernay, Keighren, Budd, Hart, Megaw, Boulter, Mill; Fluorescent in vivo editing reporter (FIVER): A novel multispectral reporter of in vivo genome editing, 2020 BiorXiv